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Chicago is a promotional
company supplying profitable, positive, audio and visual entertainment to a
diverse, international consumer group. V.I.P. is committed to wholesome
entertainment across the board and firmly believes that quality entertainment
can be realized without compromise.

Chicago distinguishes itself through the commitment it undertakes with each of
its associates. Dedicating our finances toward reliable and timely pay for our
staff we naturally attract more of the most prolific and engaging team members
helping us execute marketing and promotional music events that ensure the
highest quality outcome within established budgets.

It is owned and operated by Hector Vargas, also known as DJ Vargas, and although we
have over 25 years’ experience within the music industry, this office located
at 3505 W. Fullerton in Chicago, opened its doors in 2000.

its clients a variety of services including sound and video set ups for various
occasions, video and editing for everything from family montage videos to all
out music mega mixes for dancers and radio advertising. We also have the V.I.P.
street team Dj’s that play and promote at a variety of events.


 Although we hire temporary staff this is a sole proprietorship. Our bank services are
through Credit Union 1 with their main branch located in Lombard Illinois. Our
Liability Insurance is handled by Liberty National and payroll and all tax
accounting is with Prada and Associates at
N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL
records are finalized and preserved both digitally and hard copy. All day to day
operations including advertising and weekly payroll is based on commission and
taken care of by Mr. Vargas.

salary varies depending on the number of events, and so additional staff brought
on is paid as “work for hire”. What they are paid will depend mainly on the
service or product required from them.

Chicago is composed of two internal divisions: The V.I.P. DJ’S and V.I.P.
Chicago Street Team Ambassadors. Additional income is produced from our street
team ambassadors division with distribution, merchandising and concert
promotions. With each event successfully executed we create valuable short-term
streams of revenue enabling V.I.P. Chicago to grow with its staff of M.C.

What We Sell:

Up until now we have
concentrated on our DJ service, but with our client database increasing into
other regions we are finding ourselves involved in other projects including
marketing and brand ambassadorships which Create brand awareness throughout
Illinois on various products with In-store promotions and local community
events. Hector Vargas is also dabbling in the acting field and has been featured
on the Chicago fire Television series on several occasions. Through the Jane
Filo Casting Agency he is now also working with Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med T.V.

This diversity has created an

additional stream in income which will help with future advertising and avoid
any outstanding debts placed on the business.


Dj Vargas - Alize- 2015a


With the VIP Chicago DJ Service we basically have two different packages our clients
can choose from, with additional add-ons available for each.

Basic sound system, 12″speaker with carver power amp is $250; you can add lights for $50. This

package comes with 1 mic; typically caters 20 to 50 guests.

Eighteens with sub 
Premium sound package, much larger speaker cabinets with
18″ woofers, 1000 watt power amplifier, 2 mics, one wireless, one on a


Lighting package
including spinners, fog, Laser lights and pin spots, $400 covers
150 + patrons. 
Each package has 1 to 4 hours of service, with a $25
fee for each hour after the 4.


 Custom lighting and sound packages

with video screen set-ups are also available for an additional fee after
discussing details and specific preferences.



Dj Johnny G and Award winning

Sound and video editing for school dances,
dance remixes andfaily montage video start as little as $20 an hour with custom
graphics and sounds bites created just with your project in mind.




Choosing Our
Company for your event:


From carnivals in
Aruba to the most intimate of special events we are very careful in making sure
you have the most perfect DJ for your event.


We have all styles
of music available and often play for a variety of people so our music is
totally considered appropriate for all audience. Our Bi-Lingual DJ’s are
incredibly diverse and are warm and welcoming to suggestions and all your music


Our Staff…

Artist Bio

Vargas-profile III

Few artists can rival the standards and excellence
achieved by Dj Little Angel Vargas over the past 25 years. He is truly one of
the Chicago’s most widely respected DJ’s and promoters. For two consecutive
years, 1989 through 1991, Vargas was named the number one club DJ of the year
and featured as one of the defending champions during the Navy Pier festivals
sponsored by Coca Cola.  His induction into the music scene came with the
release of two dance singles, Friends and
Dance With Me Tonight, released on the Code Three Record Label. Later he began
to perfect his unique style at such well known nightclubs as the infamous
on Rush, The Drink, Club Vertigo, Zero Gravity  and The Cubby Bear
He later spread his talents toward promotions working with  major labels
including up and coming independents by establishing
V.I.P. Chicago Record Pool
a music club and promotions company dealing exclusively with up and coming
talent throughout the U.S. and abroad. If you love dance music, you probably
remember him as one of the pioneers of the
Hot mix show
where he was featured as one of the original members of
Magnificent Seven’s Mix Team
Also established by Little Angel is
V.I.P. DJ Service
Audio Visual departments of
ready to make
your next event a success.


For more information on our
services feel free in visiting some our company links below…


For more information
about our company we have created a solid presence on Social Media including the
VIP website located at


DJ Vargas is also known as DJ Little Angel Vargas and can be found on various
platforms including the following…

Vargas - Promo card - 2015




Dj vargas-google

With these and

future outlets including a monthly Blog we will keep our followers, fans, and
clients updated on special appearances and sales dates.


We Sell To:
provides high quality and professional services to Schools, corporate
companies, and private communities throughout the state of Illinois. Anyone
interested in Hiring a professional DJ Sound service for both public and private
Functions. Grand openings, public speaking engagements, street marketing, video
and sound presentations including art galleries or museum showcases. Block
parties, Birthdays, Graduations, we do it all.



We have dedicated street teams available to help give you that extra push
throughout Chicago.

The following is an example of one our proposals. Each project is considered unique


Feel free in writing or calling for a detailed quote on your project.



For: Marketing & Promotion Dept.
From: Vargas Independent Promotions

Thank you for your interest in Vargas Independent Promotions, (VIP Chicago).
VIP Chicago can dedicate itself toward promoting one specific project for a
total of five, (5) weeks within our market. The cost for the first 5 weeks would
be $1,500, with a $300 charge for an additional 2-week option thereafter, if and
when said project remains the same.

Weekly plans are also available (2 week minimum required)


option featuring 2-3 man team  (additional) team members
available as needed)
Radio promotions covering Chicago  and surrounding suburbs ( $300 a week).
Retail Merchandising, all p.o.p. must be provided by client, ($ 30. per store)
Flyer distribution (limit 5000 within the eight week plan) 0r $30 for each
thousand and/or team member).
Product awareness throughout, school, neighborhood and citywide events and
nightclub promotions including release party or listening party ($250 a week).

Please Note: Some of these service’s can be billed as a separate
merchandising project.
The staff at VIP Chicago can also create a separate merchandising
plan, which includes some specific Ma and Pop stores along with local retail
For this promotion artist posters and album flats are required from the label.
There is a $30 charge for each store. (Note: this merchandising plan is already
included with the 5-week package).

For flyers and post card distribution our office has a standard fee of $30.00
for each thousand flyers distributed by each team member (additional team
members are available for a standard fee depending on specific needs). Client is
solely responsible however, for any and all fines that may be issued by
authorities within the target market.

A promotional party or event can also be set up with one of our associate
This would include prize giveaways and/or artist appearance. Price may vary
depending on services rendered, and advance notice is absolutely required
for artist care and management.

Special note:
Within our office we also have the V.I.P. Chicago record pool.
There is no charge for the servicing and distribution of your title to our

In either case:

For best results we ask you please send 2 pieces for review including
artist bio and
one-sheet to our office address below.

We thank you kindly for your time and ask you please realize this is a brief
overview of what we are capable of doing for your wonderful company. Naturally
we would insist on getting together with you by phone or in person so we can
meet your specific needs and budget.

Feel free in calling or writing if we can answer any questions you may have.



3910 N. Central Ave.


(773) 772-5570 


PARA:    Departament de Promocion
DE:    Vargas Independent Promotions

Gracias por tu interes en Vargas Independent Promotions (VIP Chicago).
Vargas Independent Promotions es una compania que se compromete en promover un
tema  o artista por un total de (5) semanas.  El costo por las
primeras quatro semanas sera $1,500,  despues $300 cada dos semanas,
siempre y cuando sea el mismo tema o artista.

Planes promocionales:

*  Promover el producto con los clubs y lugares de bailes
*  Mantener una lista de ventas con las discotecas locales (semanal)
*  Promover el producto con la radio emisoras locales

El personal de VIP Chicago puede montar portadas del artista en discotecas
locales incluyendo algunas de la cadena Ritmo latino.   Para montar el
puesto se necesita un minimo de 15 posters del artista al igual que portadas del
album (flats).  Este servicio es addicional a lo anteriormente mencionada.
El costo de el servicio sera de $30 por discoteca.

VIP Chicago puede asistirte en preparar una fiesta en un club nocturno para
promover sierto tema o artista.   La compania disquera correra los
gastos del este evento.

Si la compania disquera desea promover el artista atraves de presentaciones en
discotecas clubs e otros lugares.   VIP Chicago puede asistirte en
escoger la fecha y los lugares.  Se necesita por lo menos un mes de

No hay costo por distribuir el producto a los Clubs o Dj’s que son miembros de
VIP Chicago.  La cantida de servicio depende de el tipo de musica.

Visit the website

for more info…click here


From the V.I.P. Chicago DJ Service, 

price list.

We have a variety of systems to choose from,

just let us  know what you prefer and how you would like to make your
deposit. If you have trouble deciding which package is right for your occasion
just email anytime and we’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.


For your convenience a secure paypal
invoice can be sent directly to your email address where you can pay using your
credit card:





15′ speaker system (caters 50 to 100

$ 50.00 basic lighting


18′ premium speaker system 

(Preferred for most events, includes
complete sound system, M.C. service and wireless mic)


$ 50.00 basic lighting




Below are additional features that can be added to either of the 1st 2 core

$150.00   Enhanced Track lighting (can also be used as spot lights for cake
cutting or other highlights).
$150.00  bass woofer ad-on (additional bass woofer with heavy amp to give
your party a thump)
$  50.00   stage and/or dance platform (4×4 platform)
$150.00    power generator for outside events

$100.00    Custom DVD production, finished dvd with family
photos( minimum 50 to 100 photos) and video clips.
$200.00    Proxima Projector (proxima brand)


$100.00    7ft. tripod projection screen
$200.00    8ft advanced rear projection screen
$ 50.00    apex dvd player



Make it an All-out Dance Party

18′ B premium plus!!! (Preferred for larger events)

$500.00 sound package (cd players, mixer, mics, amps, 18″ speakers)

$150.00 hi tech track-scan lighting system (includes 2 track scan lights but
more at additional cost)
$150.00 bass woofer add on

Magna Video Dance Package
includes custom dvd along with our 15’ speaker system, basic lighting,
projection screen and projector with dvd player..
$850.00 front projection,

Advanced Rear projection System, (larger 18″ speakers and

incredible track scan lighting) $1,150.00


Special Features and Performers

Dance instructor: $ 400. (schooled in all your favorite styles, including

Salsa, Merengue and the Electric slide dances; 1 Hr. presentation))

Motivational Dancer $300. Available for the entire evening (help keep

the energy up)

All Night Party M.C. $300. Available for the entire evening, (includes

dance routines and continuous interaction with the crowd to keep them motivated)

Cartoonist: $200 per hour (quick and clever they are as cordial as they

are talented)

Face Painter $200 per hour (great for the kids, incredible with basic and

advanced designs)

Magician Extraordinaire $350 1st hour ($ 150 each hour thereafter),

amazing slight of hand & comedy

Balloon Artist $200 1st hour ($ 150 each hour thereafter)

Children’s party Fav’s $100 package (stuffed

animals, glow sticks various treats) or $200 package (more toys 🙂





For pic’s, videos and a free music demo click below:

 Listen To Our Music Demo:




If you need a little help choosing the perfect system, our staff is ready to
help, feel free in writing or calling anytime,
our staff will be more than willing to oblige 🙂



Email us and we can send you an
invoice for a PayPal secured payment.




Our Most Popular Packages:

$500 Custom wedding package includes basic lighting with tripod pin
spots. Includes 2 mics, M.C. service, amplifier, cd players, mixer and speakers.
This package gives us the option of providing 1 or 2 sets of speakers
depending on what would be most appropriate for the hall or banquet room at no
additional cost.

$800 Our heavy duty sound system (1400 watt sound system with base
bottoms and basic lighting), commonly used for school dances and larger
functions where they like to really hit the dance floor.

$950 for the full service Video package including a
(featuring family photos and video clips) screen and
projector displayed during the evening. along with a basic sound system and
basic lighting:)

$150 Our Incredible Track-Scan Lighting System 
different than regular lighting these guys throw incredible designs throughout
the room, and can be used as spot lights for special announcements, speeches, or
cake cutting ceremonies