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Record Pools Mailing List

Please consider the following formats preferred by our radio and club DJ’s.

CD 10 pieces with Artist Bio

Video 10 Pieces

mp3 sent to our email as follow…mp(the number three)

V.I.P. Chicago
3910 N. Central Ave.
Chicago Il. 60634
Attn: DJ Vargas

(773) 772-5570

There is no charge for simply servicing our office, but we
do have dedicated street teams available to help give you that extra push
throughout Chicago.

Below is an example of one our proposals. Each project is
considered unique however.

Feel free in writing or calling for a detailed quote on your


For: Marketing & Promotion Dept.
From: Vargas Independent Promotions

Thank you for your interest in Vargas Independent Promotions, (VIP
VIP Chicago can dedicate itself toward promoting one specific project for a
total of five, (5) weeks within our market. The cost for the first 5 weeks
would be $1,500, with a $300 charge for an additional 2-week option thereafter,
if and when said project remains the same.

Weekly plans are also available (2 week minimum required)

featuring 2-3 man team 
(additional) team members available as
Radio promotions covering Chicago  and surrounding suburbs ( $300 a
Retail Merchandising, all p.o.p. must be provided by client, ($ 30. per store)
Flyer distribution (limit 5000 within the eight week plan) 0r $30 for each
thousand and/or team member).
Product awareness throughout, school, neighborhood and citywide events and nightclub
promotions including release party or listening party ($250 a week).

Please Note: Some of these service’s can be billed as a separate
merchandising project.
The staff at VIP Chicago can also create a separate
merchandising plan, which includes some specific Ma and Pop stores along with local retail outlets.
For this promotion artist posters and album flats are required from the label.
There is a $30 charge for each store. (Note: this merchandising plan is already
included with the 5-week package).

For flyers and post card distribution our office has a standard fee of $30.00
for each thousand flyers distributed by each team member (additional team
members are available for a standard fee depending on specific needs). Client is solely responsible however,
for any and all fines that may be issued by authorities within the target

A promotional party or event can also be set up with one of our associate
This would include prize giveaways and/or artist appearance. Price may vary
depending on services rendered, and advance notice is absolutely
required for artist care and management .

Special note:
Within our office we also have the V.I.P. Chicago record pool.
There is no charge for the servicing and distribution of your title to our

In either case: 

For best results we ask you please send 2 pieces for review including artist
bio and
one-sheet to our office address below.

We thank you kindly for your time and ask you please realize this is a brief
overview of what we are capable of doing for your wonderful company. Naturally
we would insist on getting together with you by phone or in person so we can
meet your specific needs and budget.

Feel free in calling or writing
if we can answer any questions you may have.


(773) 772-5570

PARA:    Departament de Promocion
DE:    Vargas Independent Promotions

Gracias por tu interes en Vargas Independent Promotions (VIP Chicago).
Vargas Independent Promotions es una compania que se compromete en promover un
tema  o artista por un total de (5) semanas.  El costo por las
primeras quatro semanas sera $1,500,  despues $300 cada dos semanas,
siempre y cuando sea el mismo tema o artista.

Planes promocionales:

*  Promover el producto con los clubs y lugares de bailes
*  Mantener una lista de ventas con las discotecas locales (semanal)
*  Promover el producto con la radio emisoras locales

El personal de VIP Chicago puede montar portadas del artista en discotecas
locales incluyendo algunas de la cadena Ritmo latino.   Para montar
el puesto se necesita un minimo de 15 posters del artista al igual que
portadas del album (flats).  Este servicio es addicional a lo
anteriormente mencionada.  El costo de el servicio sera de $30 por

VIP Chicago puede asistirte en preparar una fiesta en un club nocturno para
promover sierto tema o artista.   La compania disquera correra los
gastos del este evento.

Si la compania disquera desea promover el artista atraves de presentaciones en
discotecas clubs e otros lugares.   VIP Chicago puede asistirte en
escoger la fecha y los lugares.  Se necesita por lo menos un mes de

No hay costo por distribuir el producto a los Clubs o Dj’s que son miembros
de VIP Chicago.  La cantida de servicio depende de el tipo de musica.



(773) 772-5570



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